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Cinco de Mayo Fiesta theme Party Decor Party supplies

First, Some History

Cinco de Mayo celebration

Everyone loves a good Cinco de Mayo celebration-- but what is Cinco de Mayo exactly??

Cinco de Mayo often gets mixed up as the day of Mexico’s independence which takes place on September 16. BUT Cinco de Mayo is a widely observed holiday in many places across the world especially in the US, Canada, and Mexico. This historic date marks the celebration of the Mexican army’s victory over French forces at the Battle of Puebla on May 5, 1862, under General Ignacio Zaragoza.

You will often see Canadian pubs playing Mexican music and serving Mexican food and beverages on this joyful holiday. Also many use the celebratory spirit of the festival to make some life-long memories with friends and family.

Fiesta theme celebration

Fiesta themed Decorations

With Cinco de Mayo around the corner, it is time to plan a fiesta like there is no mañana!

And while you celebrate the festival and its rich history, it can also be a great theme for a whole array of celebrations! Have something to celebrate soon? Try a #tacotwosday party for your 2 years old’s birthday! Turn that baby shower into a colourful celebration like no other. Bring out the margaritas on your anniversary! Celebrate your new job with your family and friends with a surprise piñata! Just remember to incorporate the vibrant colors of the festival and its infectious spirit while you get the party started!

To plan this fiesta down to a T, let our fiesta themed party décor items guide you! Check out some of the fun fiesta theme party ideas we’ve curated to ensure you kick off some fun- the Mexican way…

Use green, white and red....

The Mexican tricolor which is green, white, and red is a great place to get inspired on how to begin decorating your party space. Here are a few décor items that will cheer up your living spaces for the Cinco de Mayo-themed party.

Use Fiesta themed Decorations!

-Let’s face it! A fiesta is not a party without tassels. And in fact, they have become a complete “go-to” accessory when it comes to party décor. Not only are they super fun and super colorful, and they can be easily purchased from the Glitter Paper Scissors shop. We have décor items to match any color scheme. But remember not to toss them after the party! Instead, just hang them up so they can be reused for many parties in the future. Also, remember to bring that fiesta feeling home with our popular fiesta garlands and the cheerful Taco garland to complete the fiesta look.

Fiesta Garlands

-Balloons are also super fun and an easy way to decorate your space. And who doesn’tlove them? These fiesta balloons can be air-filled and make a pretty big statement at a size of 53” and are easily reusable year after year.

Word banners

-Word banners are another great party touch and can say pretty much anything you want. They not only liven up space but also provide a great backdrop for selfies and pictures. What is great about the word banners at the Glitter Paper Scissors shop is that you can have a completely customized message worded banner that we can make for you. Message us for details on how you can order your custom word banner!

word banner 2

Set the Table

When it comes to setting the table, you can set your table with some super fun and cool looking cactus plates from Glitter Paper Scissors, or maybe add a spicy or avocado canapé plate to really rev up the fiesta! We also have an array of fun, colourful paper tableware including some colourful cactus plates that you can use to serve up the feast at the party.



Desserts 2

Fiestas and desserts just seem to go hand in hand, don’t they?! Churros are our hands-down favourite, but i'mpretty sure you can beat this taco cake from a local bakeshop. You guests will be surprised when they find out this giant taco is actually a cake!

 Desserts 3

We believe that cookies, cupcakes, and chocolates are always a great choice at a party.  They are not only easy for guests to grab and snack on at the venue but also a great little treat to send home with your guests, once the party is over as return gifts.

 Cake toppers

-Party Toppers

cake toppers 2

Whether it's these fun fiesta themed cupcake toppers or a classy fiesta cake topper from the Glitter Paper Scissors shop, it’s the easiest way to add some fun to your desserts.

-Maracas and pinatas & tequila

Fiestas are all about colourful sights, sounds, and dancing. So why not infuse that spirit in the food and beverages that you plan to serve on the big day and create a mood for the festivities? While you’re at it, remember to keep a few Maracas around to make that magical sound when shaken!

We think maracas make the perfect party gift-- and they are easy and fun to make!


This is the one word that thrills children to bits! While you can go the traditional route with the large pinata that every kid loves to smash, you can also try to get these cute mini pinatas from our store which makes the perfect party essential for your guests. I mean, how cute are these Pinata avocados!?

 Glass Tumblers

-Glass Tumblers: You can shake up some colorful fun by getting these cheerful glass tumblers to go with the fiesta theme of the party. They not only make great party accessories, but it is also spill-proof so that your guests can enjoy some dancing while they sip from it as well. So remember to shoot some Tequila shots and Pasarla bien or have a good time!

Make sure to check out these amazing shops that made this photoshoot happen:


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Chocolate lollipops- @shaylas_sweet_treats

Cake supplies- @scoopnsave

Mason jar cups- @masonjarmerchant

Cakes + cupcakes- @sugarflourbakeshoppe

Pinatas @vancouverpinatas

Party decor-  @glitterpaperscissors

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